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“Homes listed for sale after staging sold within 32 to 42 days. In either case, the homes sold for an average of $26,000 more than expected.”

What is Home Staging?

When selling you want to present your home to future buyers in the best possible light in order to achieve a sale for the best price and in the shortest time on the market. Home staging does exactly this, by redesigning your current interior for optimal aesthetic appeal, buyers will be falling in love! When you are selling your home it is all about the buyer; sometimes alterations will need to be made to funishings, decor, or the home itself, to produce the maximum enhancement and appeal.  An SCS Home Stager will be able to walk through your home with you room by room to give you the information you need to get buyers interested.  Buying a home is an emotional process, and we want buyers to fall in love!
Home staging can be done on ANY budget!  On average a homeowner can expect to receive almost a 300% return on investment for staging their home, therefore you can easily recover the expense. After the initial consultation and walk through of the home, you will have the information you need to get your home ready.  At this point, you can either choose to do the work yourself, or have us back to do the work for you! Since this is a personalized service prices vary with each home, however keep reading for more detailed information.

“The longer you home is on the market, the lower the price will be so stage first.”

What’s your Budget?

It is hard to set a price when each project is so diverse. We spend the time in the consultation to evaluate the correct steps needed to complete the project 110% to your liking. We will sit down, discuss your ideas along with our ideas, set a budget, and time frame for the project.  Staging does not have to break the bank, but we always suggest any improvements that will bring maximum results to best inform and guide you in selling your home.  However, we understand that everyone’s budget is different and are willing to do what it takes to stay within your means using our expert judgment to make the best modifications for your home.

Remember in this process that YOU are the ultimate boss, and while we will make “ideal” suggestions, you decide what is “practical” for you and your family.  Also, this is an interactive process between the Stagers and the Homeowners, therefore the more you are willing to pitch in, the more money you will save!

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