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Spring Cleaning… It’s Necessary!

Although most of our business is done in the Dallas/Ft Worth Area, we don’t like to turn down opportunities to help people Enhance Their Spaces, and Simplify Their Lives :) So when we get a call, we answer!
We were contacted recently by a home owner in the Houston Metroplex area to come down for her “over-flow” closet. This was an understatement. When we first entered the remarkeably neat home, we looked at each other with a, “Why are we here?” look. The home owner then lead us to the problem closet and when that door opened…it all became clear.

With participation from the home owner, we were able to designate a significant amount of items for donating, as well as discard many things that were no longer of use to her and her family. After accessing the materials that we would need to transform this closet, we made a quick trip to Target and BigLots! where we were able to find everything we needed for under $100!
The bins at Target we used for organizing the plethora of books found in this closet and were on sale ($11.99 for a pack of two)! They come in a variety of colors; We went with neutral colors to match the decor already in her home.

Another great item we picked up at Target were these dark brown wicker baskets. They added some texture and an accent color to the very natural tones. They came in all different sizes but due to the shelf dimensions we stuck with the smaller ones.

Everyone knows it is hard to get out of Target without breaking the bank, however we found these stylish and practical storage bins and escaped just under $70!!
Rubber storage bins are great for everything but can get a little pricey. We always try to find the best deals for our clients and this case was no exception. We ran into BigLots! and found a STEAL on these Sterilite bins ($9 for medium size) along with a few other things that caught our eye. The closet had A LOT of CD’s. While looking for the plastic bins we found these GREAT decorative storage boxes ($5-$10 per box) that fit ALL of the CD’s we sorted through while adding a chic flair to the shelving.

By sorting and organizing the clutter, we were able to turn this once over-flowing space into an easily accessable closet with LOTS of extra room to spare. Within four hours we transformed this “over-flow” closet into a fully functional, appealing space.

No matter how beautiful and put together your home is… Everyone has that one space that needs some extra TLC. It can be overwhelming to tackle this yourself, that is why we love helping others gain control of their dysfunctional spaces, and get organized!
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