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CHIC“…..Do you know what it means?


Well first and foremost, it is not to be confused with the word “chick” meaning a young chicken, or young girl.

The word “chic” is believed to have originated in Germany from the word “schicken” meaning “to outfit oneself.”  It was then adopted by the French and changed to the word we know now.  Ever heard of the phrase “Tres chic!”?  Translated from French it means “very smart/stylish.”


Today, defines the word as “style and elegance, as in dress or decor.”  Also, calling “smart, and elegant” synonyms of “chic.”   Chic is actually pronounced [sheek], clicking on the link will take you to the website where you can click on the speaker icon to hear the word said. says chic means “adopting or setting current fashions or styles; sophisticated; fashionable, good taste.”

With all of this being said, if you are lacking some chic in your space…give us a call!  Whether you are selling your home, want to refresh your decor, or want to get organized, we are waiting for your call!

Hope to hear from you soon!


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