SCS @ The Great Big Texas Home Show & Expo

This past weekend we attended The Great Big Texas Home Show & Expo(March 9-11) at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX.  There were tons of great vendors there, however, a few stood out amongst the group to us.

 A new countertop material by Elements by Duracon really intrigued us.  It’s a beautiful, sleek new material that has just become available to the residential market.  Before it was used mainly in school and college lab surfaces.  It is a fusion of pure natural quartz, sand, and post consumer recycled glass making it a renewable source.  In addition, since it’s non-porous it is naturally impervious to stains, moisture, and bacteria; as well as being resistant to heat and scratches.  And quartz is 2x harder than granite!  As if that wasn’t all cool enough…it’s a locally made product!  These countertops are manufactered in Taylor, Texas, and all of the materials used come from Texas!  We just loved this new product! It seems to have it all….durability, beauty, eco-friendly, lifetime warrenty, and we can support our local economy!?  Love it.


Another great company we found was American Eagle Builders who provide services such as exterior home refinishing and kitchen cabinet refinishing.  Cabinet refinishing is a great and less expensive alternative if you are remodeling your kitchen or selling your home and need to do some updates.  If your cabinet boxes are still in solid, sturdy condition, then you are a perfect candidate!  Cabinet refinishing can involve having your exisiting cabinet boxes and doors refinished/painted or getting all new doors.  Either way, it gives your kitchen a totally transformed look for a fraction of the cost of brand new cabinets!
Ikea also had a really cool booth, with a bedroom set up and an awesome closet system!  ….people, that is a closet! :)


Patina was yet another booth that caught our eye.  They had some beautiful decorative tiles and backsplashes, along with great wood and tile flooring options.  Fort Worth Lighting also had an impressive booth.  And looking at their website we’re even more impressed!  They had TONS of different types of lighting to choose from…ceiling fans, desk lamps, chandeliers, pendants, you name it!  And so much variety! We will defintely be heading to their showroom to check them out soon in person!


We also came across a couple small businesses that got our stamp of approval  :)   Divine Icy Wine being one of them!  Its a powder substance you add or a bottle of wine along with some water and when you freeze it, it becomes slushie!  And it is delicious!  We tried both the Sweet Red and the Tropical Delight.  Another treat we indulged in was Texas Toffee, and as the spokesman said, “It’s what a Heath Bar wishes it could be.”  And he was soo right, it was amazing!  We got the Milk Chocolate Almond Delight…and it was!  Texas JAK Salsa was savory and zesty surprise.  We tried several of there products, which were all yummy, but we took home some of their Texas Best Salsa.

Texas Best Salsa     

In all, we had so much fun learning about new products and talking to all the hosts at the different booths!  Hope yall enjoyed reading this, and look forward to next time!


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