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Together, Melissa and Meagan are a creative duo, dedicated to the home improvement of our community. We will come to the table with enthusiasm and excitement. We will ask questions and actively listen for your answer. Our keen eye for great style is one of our natural talents and we are not afraid to think outside the box. We put our absolute best into every project, big or small. We are mindful of budgets and do our utmost to make suggestions that are economical, functional, and stylish.  And don’t dismiss us because we look young, we bring a breath of fresh air to the industry and a new take on design.
At Simply Chic Spaces we want to enhance the spaces and simplify the lives of the individuals and organizations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area by providing a personalized interior staging, styling, and organizational service.
Call it instinct, or just a natural eye for style, we will prove our talent and at the end of the day, you will find yourself with a Simply Chic Space where once there was not.

Melissa Bodkins

Melissa was born into a family of artists and explored everything from music, to painting, to dance. Spending the first 18 years of her life as a competitive dancer, Melissa realized her love for the color, fashion, and design that the dance world entails. After heading off to college and spending the first three years at Texas A&M University, Melissa made the daring decision to move to the big city and finish her Bachelor’s Degree of Public and Urban Affairs at the University of Texas-Arlington. Along with the move came the idea to take her love for the arts and turn it into an outlet that she can share her talent and passion with others. After becoming a Certified Professional Home Stager and Redesigner, the fun part started. Combining their ideas for a fresh company, that portrayed both of their personalities, Meagan and Melissa formed Simply Chic Spaces.

Meagan Monroe

Meagan has always had a love for the arts and making things beautiful. A passion for interior design, fashion, music, and color has motivated Meagan throughout her life. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising from Sam Houston State University. After graduating she worked in fashion retail for several years as the Visual Merchandising Manager, in charge of visual displays and organization of the store. However starting a business that could really showcase her creativity and helping others to create warm, appealing spaces soon became a dream. Now, Meagan is a Certified Professional Home Stager & Redesigner, and along with Melissa, has formed Simply Chic Spaces.


We are proudly affiliated and trained by Home Staging Resource and a member of the American Society for Home Stagers and Redesigners.  Home Staging Resource is the only Home Staging and Redesign Program accredited by RESA.


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